Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Harrison Memorial Hospital exists for the purpose of providing high-quality health and medical care services to the people of Harrison and surrounding counties of our region. In fulfilling this mission, we strive for excellence:

  • In the care we deliver
  • In the facilities we provide
  • In the recruitment, retention and development of dedicated physicians and personnel
  • In facilitating, coordinating and providing access to general and specialized health services through our own resources and in collaboration with the resources of others.

Our Vision

To become the Health Care Delivery System of choice for the people we serve.

Our Customer Service Commitment

We promise every day in every encounter to…

  • Treat you with dignity and kindness
  • Respect your right to confidentiality
  • Educate you about your care
  • Acknowledge you and your concerns
  • Timely response to your need

Our Core Values

  • Integrity, honesty, fairness and ethical behavior in all we do
  • The continual pursuit of excellence and innovation
  • The contribution of each employee in achieving our mission
  • The right of each patient to choose the type and extent of care
  • Caring and sensitivity in all patient interactions
  • Responsible resource management
  • Teamwork, cooperation and flexibility
  • Encouragement of differences among people