Community Education Assistance



This program is administered by the Community Education Assistance Committee and is open to community members and PRN Harrison Memorial Hospital employees (full or part-time employees should refer to the HMH Tuition Assistance Program). Financial assistance loans will be awarded to area students to encourage them to enter the healthcare profession and return to Harrison Memorial Hospital as licensed professionals. This program is designed to meet the unmet financial needs of the student and will pay up to 80% of the cost for books and tuition to an approved, accredited college, university or technical program. 


Interested students may request an application from the CEA Coordinator. Applicants must submit a completed application, most recent transcripts and a letter of acceptance from a qualified school or allied health career program, as well as verification of financial need. Next, the student applicant will complete a preliminary interview with a subcommittee and if recommended, they will move on to interview at the following CEA Committee meeting. The Committee meets regularly in July and December, and as needed.  The CEA Committee will make a decision and notify the student within one week of the meeting. If approved, a contract will be drafted, signed by both the student and CEA Coordinator and a check will be dispersed.


At the end of each semester, students must present their most recent grades and charges for the upcoming semester, as well as any financial aid being received. To remain eligible, a cumulative “C” average, or minimum 2.0 GPA, must be maintained. A new contract will be signed for each check dispersed.


Upon graduation, the licensed graduate is encouraged to apply to Harrison Memorial Hospital. If hired, the now licensed employee will receive a normal salary for the position held as well as a work credit equivalent to $200 per month while working full-time. Anything less than full-time hours will be pro-rated. The graduate student is given 6 months to gain employment at HMH. If no position is obtained, the student must repay the monies loaned. If the student leaves the education program, or if the student is hired by Harrison Memorial Hospital and leaves the position at any time, for any reason, all monies must be repaid within 30 days. If a payment plan must be established, it will consist of a 5% down payment within 30 days and a minimum payment of $200.00 per month until paid in full. The student will be responsible for any legal fees associated with the collection of outstanding balances.

Send completed applications to Crystle Arnold, Community Education Assistance Coordinator at

Healthcare Careers Scholarship Form

Harrison, Pendleton and Nicholas County high school students may contact their high school guidance counselor to inquire about our Health Careers Scholarship opportunities for seniors.