Patient Rights & Safety

You Can Help Maximize Patient Safety

Medical care often seems miraculous. Every day, new treatments, cures and medicines are discovered. However, medical care is not perfect. Your body and your illness can be very complicated. The system in which you receive care is complex. At Harrison Memorial Hospital, we are constantly working together to identify risks and implement solutions to make care safer.

In a complex situation such as this, it’s important that everyone involved – from patients to physicians, hospital staff to visitors – recognize and respect each other’s rights and responsibilities. Your physician or healthcare facility must recognize your rights while you are receiving medical care, and it’s also important that you recognize the physician or health care facility’s right to expect a certain behavior on the part of the patient.

Below are links to the hospital’s policies and recommendations regarding patient rights, responsibilities and safety. These policies are designed to ensure your safety and see that you are treated with the utmost respect during your stay.

HIPAA_Notice of Privacy Practices_1.pdf

Patient Rights.pdf

Here is also a policy on the Conflict of Interest Policy for HHS/PHS Funded Projects. HW_HHS.PHS FundedProj.ConOfInterest.

Here is an additional policy on Kentucky Concealed Carry Law. Ky Concealed Carry Law Eff 7-19.pdf

Here is an additional information in regards to patient rights and surprise billing:

HMH-CMS-Disclosure Notice Regarding Patient Protections Against Surprise Billing-2022_0.pdf

HMH-CMS-Standard Notice Regarding Good Faith Estimate-2022_0.pdf