HMH will begin the reopening of non-urgent healthcare services

Cynthiana, Kentucky – Harrison Memorial Hospital will resume non-urgent (elective), in-person healthcare services on Monday, April 27, 2020.  The opening of non-urgent/emergent care is consistent with the provisions set by the Department of Kentucky Public Health. Areas reopening include ambulatory care, diagnostic radiology and lab testing, physical and occupational therapies and HMH Physician Group practices.

HMH has secured sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) to safely care for all patient needs.

HMH wants to alleviate concerns the public may have as they begin to receive preventive and elective care.  The safety of our community has been our highest priority for 114 years, and COVID 19 has not changed our commitment. To keep all who enter our facilities safe, HMH continues to have these following precautions in place:

  • Limiting visitors, except when necessary for accompanying minors, end-of-life scenarios and the current emergent surgical procedures.
  • Screening patients, visitors and vendors when entering the building, which includes temperature checks;
  • Screening and temperature checks for all staff and physicians;
  • Requiring all people within the facility to wear masks;
  • All clinic areas have been rearranged for appropriate social distancing;
  • Each physician office has a triage process when you set up an appointment. If symptoms of COVID-19 are suspected, then additional measures are taken.

HMH is also a PūrHospital®, which means HMH has installed a system called Pūrgenix® throughout the hospital. The Pūrgenix® technology uses ultraviolet light to deactivate or kill airborne bacteria and viruses. The system was installed in the hospital’s air-handling units in 2017. The HMH Certified Health Care Environmental Services Technicians complete daily terminal cleaning and will continue to complete daily terminal cleaning on every surface in both clinic and public spaces using anti-microbial disinfectant. Terminal cleaning includes removing all detachable objects in the room, cleaning lighting and air duct surfaces in the ceiling, and cleaning all surfaces and objects downward to the floor. In addition, HMH will be cleaning after each patient.

In addition, HMH may continue telehealth or virtual visits as appropriate for the following HMH Physician Group Clinics:

  • HMH Physician Group: Primary Care (Shane Gainey, M.D.; Dixie Stone, PA; Eugonda Fryman, APRN; and Daniel Klaber, APRN)
  • HMH Physician Group: Neurology and Sleep Disorders (Maria Pavez, M.D. and Aliceson Stroub, APRN)
  • HMH Physician Group: Behavioral Health (Laura Williams, APRN)
  • HMH Physician Group: Cardiology Services (Matthew Shotwell, M.D., B.K. Srivastava, M.D.; Ashley Black, APRN; Josh Hill, P.A.; and Christie Phillips-Fearis, APRN)
  • HMH Pain Management (Anjum Bux, M.D., Kyla Anderson, APRN and Michelle Gooslin, APRN)
  • HMH Clinic in Falmouth
  • HMH Outpatient Rehab Services: Speech Therapy

In person visits may be preferred or necessary, depending on the service line and patient need.

“We want to remind people in our communities to not avoid or delay medical care. We know that the outcome for a patient is far better if the patient is treated before an issue becomes emergent,” says Sheila Currans, HMH Chief Executive Officer. “We want patients to seek care for prevention and control of chronic conditions, so that a more emergent medical issue may be averted. HMH has safety protocols in place so a person can continue to seek care for a better quality of life. HMH is grateful to the community for all the tremendous support shown during this pandemic.  Our commitment to each of you remains unchanged, and we are delighted to welcome back our community so that, together, we work toward better health.”