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Say thank you & send encouragement to our hospital staff!

The healthcare professionals at Harrison Memorial Hospital remain committed to arriving to work daily to take on the task of keeping our patients healthy. It can be especially stressful, as they manage quality patient care at the hospital, a changing landscape of home life with spouses and children – all while keeping themselves and our patients healthy. Time and time again, we see them unquestionably put patients first.

Not knowing when this crisis will end, we’d like to uplift them. If you or someone you love received care in our hospital or one of our many clinics/physician offices and were particularly touched or grateful for the care you received, here’s how you can help. Or you want to send a note of encouragement to our staff or an employee during this crisis that would be wonderful.

Click on the link below and submit a quick note of appreciation for a particular employee, an entire unit staff, a physician, a cafeteria worker, whomever. It can be anonymous or not – your choice! But, please do not share personal or medical information or to ask for medical advice. We’ll pass the praise along and keep these dedicated individuals going strong!

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