Pulmonary Rehab Program

How Pulmonary Rehabilitation Can Help You Breathe More Easily

Nobody has to tell you that living with a chronic illness can be very difficult. Most individuals with chronic lung disease work very hard to breathe and, in doing so, they waste a lot of energy. As a result, shortness of breath occurs with the slightest activity. That shortness of breath can be very frightening – so you may have a tendency to avoid any activities that might trigger it. Then your muscles become deconditioned – and the more you sit, the more difficult any activity becomes, making you more short of breath and anxious.

Pulmonary rehabilitation can help you break this vicious cycle by:

  • Teaching you correct breathing and relaxation techniques so you can breathe more efficiently
  • Teaching you how to control shortness of breath and panic episodes
  • Increasing your awareness of your capabilities
  • Improving your physical strength, stamina, and energy level
  • Encouraging your sense of well-being and improving your self-confidence
  • And providing emotional support and education for you and your family Also, pulmonary rehab has been proven to promise better health, decrease visits to the emergency department and decrease hospitalizations.

How to Become Involved in Pulmonary Rehab Simply give us a call, and we will help you obtain an order from your doctor. You then will be scheduled for an individual assessment by members of your cardiac or pulmonary rehab teams. The purpose of this evaluation will be to review your medical history, symptoms, and medication; determine your understanding of your disease and how to manage it; identify your present physical limitations; develop a realistic exercise program for you; and discover the impact of the disease on your daily activities and quality of life.

The length of the program will depend upon your individual needs. However, in the first outpatient phase, most participants in pulmonary rehab attend three times per week for eight weeks. You will be reevaluated at least monthly to determine if you are meeting your goals.

About Fees Our rehab programs are covered most insurance companies and Medicare. But before you begin a program, your coverage will be verified. If your insurance does not cover the program, a payment plan can be arranged.

Getting Started You need only to ask your physician to refer you to Rehab, or you may give us a call and we will assist you in obtaining a referral. Your physician will receive regular reports about your progress. If you would like to schedule a tour of our facility, or if you have questions about your cardiac or pulmonary rehab programs, please phone 859.235.3553 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.